Game Jams

Last year, I got addicted to game jams, and i've taken part in quite a few so far:


  • Royal Society Jam - Cell Invaders (single player build-sugars puzzler)
  • London Game Jam - Moonzooka (not playable online - local gravity multiplayer)
  • Rezzed - 80 Spies (weblink - local multiplayer spy shooting game)
  • Indie Speed Run - Ophealia (Pun-laden medieval town healing sim)
  • Indie Speed Run - That Escalated Quickly (Breed rabbits that destroy everything - simulator, with Attenborough-style narration)
  • Indie Speed Run - Schwarzschild Blowgun (Tiny dodge-the-red-ball game)
  • Chain Jam - Dinosaur Astronauts (Local multiplayer area capture racing game)
  • Molyjam - Futile Fight For Furry Freedom (Local Multiplayer acorn gathering / shooting game)
  • GameHack - Pillow Fortress (Local coop pillow fighting game)
  • Mochi Jam - Bridge Brolly Brawl (Local MP rain-deflection umbrella fighting game)
  • Zero Hour Jam - Jumping Prototype
  • V&A Museum Jam - Fantastic Creatures (Build a medieval monster and simulate its effects)
  • GameCraft - Totally Guilty (Memory style criminal matching game)
  • Disappointment Jam - Yuji's Hand


  • Global Game Jam - Inslide World (Slider Controlled endless runner)
  • Train Jam - Monsterbation (Slider controlled rowing&shooting game)
  • London Game Craft - Super Sheep Shape Shifters (Local Multiplayer Sheep Herding)
  • GB Summer Jam - sunshi*e (Insects pooping into gardens)
  • Develop Conf Brighton Jam - Sky Promenade (Abstract build-a-track-and-race-it co-op)
  • Eye Tracking Jam London - Medusa's Gaze (Eye-tracking controlled shmup)
  • Alt Ctrl Game Jam - Winds Of Venus (Retrofitted Radio Box controlled game)
  • Zero Hour Jam - Watch a Parsnip Grow in Real Time (needs 32 weeks to play)
  • Game Jam - Line Wobbler (Shoe-spanner controlled 1D dungeon crawler)


  • Berlin Mini Jam - Wobble Area Tennis (A little Tennis game using the Line Wobbler hardware)
  • GB Winter Jam - Tottenham Court Toboggan (Sledding game with hardware sled controller)
  • King Jam - The Hexorcist (Hexagon puzzle game)
  • Global Game Jam '15 - Daily Struggle (2 player minigame collection)
  • Train Jam 2015 - Theremin Toy (Hardware-based musical instrument/toy)
  • Exile Jam - Henry the Jollygon (Hardware dodecahedron with sound and light)
  • Stugan Jam 1 - Two Button Line Swordfight (Prototype using Line Wobbler hardware)
  • Stugan Jam 2 - Hyperdark (A fast mouse-hover-racer game)
  • Zoo Machines Jam - Knife To Meet You (A custom hardware knife avoiding game)

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