RubberArms: An experimental Stretch Controller Game

RubberArms is an interactive experience featuring a conductive rubber band as main controls, created at the Global Game Jam 2017 in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.

The prototype is on display at an Now Play This in London in April 2017!

Rubber Band Controller

The controller uses a conductive rubber cord (available on Adafruit) which changes resistance when stretched. It is very easy to measure that using an Arduino, from where it can be forwarded to a PC. In this example, I'm using a Joystick controller to send the data to a Unity3D project.

RubberArms Game

The game is a simple prototype so far, where you control the distance of two characters with the rubber band controller. Their arms stretch when you stretch the rubber band, and catches little characters ('Bleps') falling from above. You can help them feed on purple food blobs, if you'd like, which makes them happy.

The game is coded in Unity3D using Spring Joints and Line Renderers.


Corgi Katapult

A quick test using low-poly Corgi models as physics objects instead:


  • Code, Idea, Sensors, Controller - Robin Baumgarten
  • Playtesting, Beer, Brainstorming - Tibor Udvari

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