Slider Custom Controller

I've been a big fan of local multiplayer games for a while, and have been toying with the idea of creating games that use very simple input controls. After using just a single button (zero dimensions) per player and having some success with that on Android, the logical next step is using exactly one dimension: a slider!

I have quite a few prototypes of tiny mini-game mechanics, and instead of limiting myself to one such method, I prefer to build a compilation where players compete in rapid-fire mini tournaments, a bit like Wario Ware, but simultaneous multiplayer, with more than the usual 4 players competing.


The Slider controller and its dedicated game collection enhance gaming in these ways:

  • An easy to understand controller: The Slider controller is designed to be picked up without any instructions whatsoever. No button-mapping, no tutorial-phase, no entry barrier!
  • Force Feedback that exceeds rumbling: Virtually all current main-stream controllers only allow for rumbling as a feedback mechanism. The Slider controller can do more: Its motor can pull the slider to any position - it can actively guide or challenge a player, and allows for more expressive feedback and adaptive difficulty.
  • Larger groups of friends: Very few local multiplayer games exceed four players. I want to explore the dynamics of a larger group of local players. It's probably going to be chaotic, that's why the games have to stay simple!
  • A collection of games: By virtue of the limitation of player-input to one dimension, the depth of possible games is reduced as well. However, there are dozens if not hundreds of different mechanics to exploit: turning, dodging, weighing, collecting, selecting, aiming, balancing, guiding, … by creating a connected collection of those, the players have to adapt constantly and a plethora of skills are required.

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Slider Hardware, Software, Testing

Please follow the links below, where I'm documenting the creation process of my Sliders Game, in particular the custom controllers that I'm making for them.

Other Projects with the Sliders

I've collaborated with Alan Hazelden to adapt the Sliders for his game BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH.

Dedicated Project Page

Online Arduino + Unity Presentation

I gave a little presentation at the London Game Space in March 2014 about interfacing Unity with Arduinos and Teensys. Here is the presentation.

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