Slider Custom Controllers: Construction

The pictures and videos below illustrate the construction process of my slider controllers. In short: Linear potentiometers + arduino + wood + unity. And some more stuff to get the motors working.


Each of the controllers (12 in total):

  • Dimensions: 190mm x 60mm x 60mm, 100mm travel
  • Materials: Plywood, linear potentiometer, motor unit, cabling
  • Latency: < 15ms (~1 frame at 60hz)

The rest:

  • A Teensy 3.0 Arduino-compatible microchip, connected via USB
  • H-Bridge (L293DNE)
  • Unity 4.3

Also required to run:

  • A PC running Windows (a laptop will suffice)
  • A monitor, as large as possible.

Photos of the Construction


Earliest minimal connection test (non-motorized):

Attaching a motor, and controlling it via an H-Bridge through the Arduino:

Follow me for my newest experiments: