A local multiplayer planet-sized space blaster with Moon Bazookas and an intro that is its own (very NSFW) text-adventure game!

To be played by 2-8 players with gamepads/joysticks (we tested on Xbox controllers). The goal of the game is to get points by standing on the green planets longest (think King of the Hill). Aim with your left analog stick, charge & fire with ‘A’. Use the recoil to move around.

If you don’t have any gamepads handy, you can test the game by clicking the “Mouse Demo” button in the bottom right. You’ll control all characters at once with your mouse.


  • Yuji Kosugi – @YujiLY
  • Robin Baumgarten (Code) – @Robin_B
  • Daniel Murdoch (Sound & Music) – @DanMurdochMusic
  • Carles Salas (Story) – @Queledonius
  • Chapman Lee (Graphics)

Text-Adventure Background Story Game

Moonzooka:Origins: by Carles


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