Christmas Tree Wobbler

For Christmas 2017, I've designed and built an extra large version of Line Wobbler for a Christmas tree installation in King's Cross Station. The tree has two helix spirals going up a 6 meter tall pole, with a game of Line Wobbler running on each helix. The levels and hardware has been modified to make sure it would run smoothly at this extended length of 25 meters.

The project was realised with the help of Games London and Network Rail. The tree was at the station from the 6 of December 2017 to the 4th of January 2018.

Follow the current status of the tree through the Twitter hashtag #GamesTree!

During its installation at Kings Cross, the game was played for 17281 minutes, so it was played for 40% of the installed time. Level 1 has been completed 2862 times, and 30 people beat the final boss.



The frame is made of a 6m tall steel pole with a metal base. Here are some photos of the construction and setup at King's Cross:

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